Our PT Development Program Provides Growth Opportunities, Career Security & Stability.
It is specifically designed to elevate the quality and standards of the entire fitness industry. By providing comprehensive business knowledge and a holistic education, we empower aspiring personal trainers to become well-rounded professionals who can make a positive impact on their clients' lives.

Elevate the Fitness Industry:

A Qualification Worth Pursuing

Why is this qualification a must-have?

By investing in this course, you contribute to raising the bar in the fitness industry. As we improve the quality of trainers, we create a ripple effect that reduces turnover rates and enhances the overall reputation and credibility of the industry!

What can you expect to achieve?

Our course aims to equip you with comprehensive business insights, knowledge, and education to become a well-rounded and holistic personal trainer. We prioritize your growth and empower you to excel in all aspects of your profession.

Join us on this transformative journey to revolutionize the fitness industry and unlock new heights of success for yourself and the entire community of passionate trainers.

Enroll now and be at the forefront of positive change!


Gary Le

Personal Trainer

"Prime Performance has helped combat this obstacle through providing the right infrastructure in business set ups, providing us with sales skills training as well as helping us UNDERSTAND PEOPLE better through various workshops, meetings and consistent mentoring via different avenues. Strategizing and experimenting with different strategies has also been something Prime Performance has been able to help us trainers improve our business acumen.

The results were instantaneous but if and only if, one was to actually apply all the theory that was taught. Since joining Prime Performance, I’ve been able to build up to 45 clients at my peak with 25 hours of PT and many online clients."

Thomas Duong

Personal Trainer

"Will has helped me develop my craft as a PT. Skills around nutrition and training have allowed me to achieve client results and build confidence to be able to continue to sell my service to others."

Derry Kim

Personal Trainer

"One of the benefits of working with Prime is you’re always given the opportunity to learn new things from your mentor or Will. I felt like I’ve grown so much this year in terms of confidence and communication."

Aiden Berenger

Personal Trainer

"Prime Performance had the greatest impact on me coming out of Uni, not knowing anything about business and struggling to get off my feet starting out, I was lucky enough to have that support network and constant development which really helped me become independent and self-sufficient and I couldn’t recommend the Prime Performance team enough."

This course is closed for enrollment.